Sunday 11 September 2011

Spooktacular Treats

The Twelve Days Of Creative Fall
Sept 1-Sept 12, 2011
Spooktacular Treats
Spooktacular Apron

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Halloween Party

I've got my eyes on you!

Sweet Treats

Spooktacular Apron for your Spooktacular Treats!
From Window Valance to Apron!

A Seasonal Apron that can be used with all Seasons and Holidays!
Change the kitchen towel to match the season!
This is one of my favorite aprons to make!
One Waverly Valance on clearance $8.99 /reg.$ 39.99 (Tuesday Morning)
Waverly makes excellent window valances, the fabric is great quality and the valance is lined,
which will make a wonderful apron!
The fun part-- change your apron with the seasons!
One Seasonal Halloween Dish Towel

1.  Cut your valance  on both sides to the appropriate size.
This valance has a v-shape, measure accordingly so the "V" is in the middle of your apron.
2.  Unpick the ends of the valance.
3.  Make a 1/4 hem and sew.
4.  Leave a opening for ties to go through the top of the valance where you
would normally put your curtain rod.
5.  Add ribbon or any kind of trim to the top of the apron
by sewing the ribbon on both sides of the apron.
(You are placing your ribbon/trim as a hanger for your kitchen towel.)
6.  Add your seasonal kitchen towel
7.  You will be able to change your kitchen towel throughout the Seasons.
I like this apron because, you can easily throw your kitchen towel in the washer and
use your apron time after time!
8.  Make fabric ties that will feed through the casing of your apron and tie in the back.
You are finished!
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I will see you all tomorrow!

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