Thursday 8 September 2011

A Fall Centerpiece Tutorial

The Twelve Days Of Creative Fall!
Welcome back to Arizona...where we celebrate
Seasons In The Sun!
(I added a magnet to the chalkboard, so you can easily add notes and fun magnets)
A Fall Harvest Centerpiece
 with sunflowers, the colors of Fall, along with 
Pumpkins, Apples and Sprinkles of Fall!

I have taken several pictures of my Fall Centerpiece indoors. 
The pictures turn out fine, but the lighting inside my home does not portray the true colors of Fall
that you see in the centerpiece. 
My best pictures are from this little black bench on my front porch.
(Natural Light is always best.)

You CAN easily make this Fall Centerpiece.
Tall cylinder glass vase or any tall container.
One glass vase or container that fits inside tall container that will allow
space for your fruits and vegetables.
Fall Harvest fruits and Vegetables of your choice
Long Fall Flower Stems
(T found my flowers at Michaels Craft Store 50% off)
Fall garland and Fall Beaded Wreath (optional)
Fall Ribbon

Follow along with the pictures, the steps are pretty simple and self explanatory.
Fill your Glass Cylinder Vase with Fall Harvest Fruits and Vegetables
Add a Fall Wreath Garland of Fall Beads
Add your tall Fall Flowers to the smaller Glass vase.
You may want to tie them to keep them together.
Add Sunflowers around the Glass Vase to your liking.
Add Fall Ribbon and  you are finished!
You can display your Fall Centerpiece well into the end of November!
Place your Centerpiece with baskets of Fall Harvest vegetables.


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Have a Beautiful Fall Day!
Thanks for visiting!
I will be back with Fall and Halloween Banners.

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