Wednesday 7 September 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch!
The Twelve Days Of Creative Fall!

We've been to Sunflower Lane.
We're on our way to Pumpkin Blvd.
Thanks for taking a ride with me for the
past seven days!
Five more days of
Twelve Days Of Creative Fall FUN still to come!

Today, I'm showing you all a Chalkboard Pumpkin Sign that is simple to make.
A sign to display with your pumpkins.
The Pumpkin Patch
I've been happily making pumpkins. 
When I see pumpkins all over my dinning room table and through out my entry,
I feel like I need an official sign.
The Pumpkin Patch

When I told you I was using a lot of wood scraps, I wasn't kidding.
The back of my Suburban is filled with wood scraps.
My kids keep asking me what the wood is for.
Well here it is!

A few more Halloween Books to add to our Spookyville Book collection.
(I featured the Spookyville Books yesterday)
I made the books with black spray paint and vinyl chalkboard fabric.
The vinyl chalk board fabric makes the spine of the book look real!
You can also write on the book spine with chalk for a book title.

Another idea is to use Halloween  Ribbon with words.
I have a lot of fun Halloween ribbon left over from last year.
 The ribbon works great as Book Titles.

I like easy, simple projects that can be finished in a hour or one afternoon.
Black Chalkboard Spray Paint
Wood measuring approx:  6" X 11"
Platform wood- same size or smaller
Finials: (two in a pckg at Lowes $2.99)
Sand Paper
Halloween or Fall Ribbon
jute twine
Step One:  Screw Finial into your wood.
Spray Paint (chalkboard) your wood pieces and finial.
(My finials were ready to screw into boards, no drill was needed)

Step Two:
Sand the edges of your wood pieces.
(By looking at the pictures, you can see how easy this is to make.)
Attach your chalk to jute twine and tie to finial.
Add Seasonal Ribbon
Glue the wood to the base and you are finished.

Step Three: 
Place your sign where it makes your Pumpkins Shine!

You will probably see this chalkboard again!
You can easily change the ribbon to all Seasons and Holidays.

Step Four: 
Enjoy your Fall where ever you live!
Here's a little DETOUR--
I love this time of year!
I especially love what the Season brings.
I have three boys playing Football!
Once Upon A Time, all four of my boys were playing.
It is the highlight of my Fall!

Boys are a JOY!
Here's to the
Happy Fall!
See you all tomorrow.
Dream Big!


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