Monday 19 September 2011

A Bountiful Harvest

Hello Friends!
Sending out a "Happy Monday" to everyone!  Some of you may remember this Fall Centerpiece from a previous post (9/2009). This centerpiece is one of my favorites!

Thank you for your emails regarding the
 Fall Centerpiece I created a few weeks ago from
 (The Twelve Days of Creative Fall).  This tutorial will give you a little more creative inspiration!

For a stunning multi-level arrangement, combine fresh flowers, seasonal fruits and dried materials. Select autumn's classic forms: field-grown wheat, pumpkins, Indian corn, apples and fall flowers.

8 1/2" diameter floral foam ring(must be slightly larger than the top diameter of your larger vase)
8" X 12" clear glass cylinder base
2" X 6" clear glass cylinder vase.
Harvest vegetables, picks, wheat or whatever you choose to use or have on hand!

1. Fill a large clear cylindrical vase with produce and top it with a floral foam ring! Soak the floral-foam ring in water for 15 minutes.

2.Center the small cylinder vase inside the larger one. The small vase acts as a spacer. Fill your cylinder with harvest vegetables!

3.Place the Foam ring on top of the large cylinder vase. The ring will be covered with dried and fresh floral materials.

4. Evenly arrange the pieces on the foam ring, inserting picks as you go.

5. Insert the dried grass, wheat or whatever you choose to use through the floral ring and into the small cylinder vase.

So many possibilities with the beauty of nature!

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