Saturday 3 September 2011

Sunshine In My Soul

 Welcome back to
Twelve Days Of Creative Fall
Today, I'm sharing a little sunflower inspiration.
        I found these hanging Sunflower Grapevine Topiary Balls at Tai Tan Trading
  this past summer in Utah.
I just love them!
The colors of sunflowers are a wonderful burst of color!
                                                  You can easily make these sunflower grapevine balls.

Simply hot glue your sunflowers to the grapevine ball. 
Hang them to chandeliers, ceilings or wherever you choose to bring a lot
of Holiday cheer! 
I can't help but think of Fall Happiness when I look at these!
Speaking of Fall Happiness, this is what my little daughter does to cool off
well into the month of October.

The beautiful Colors of Sunflowers

Image from:  Country Living

Welcome to my FALL SUNFLOWER tree from last year.
I'm looking for new twigs for a new Halloween tree.
Watch out neighbors. (just kidding-maybe not) :)
Last year, I found these twigs in a pile ready to be hauled off to the garbage.
I was so excited to find them, they were perfect!
I spray painted the twigs black.

I use a lot of sunflowers in my fall decorating, along with
my fabric stuffed pumpkins.

"Goodbye Summer Hello Fall"
 As you can see, the sun continues to shine brightly in Arizona!
I know my Arizona friends are thinking "Goodbye Summer Hello Fall" is not for a long time.
  We are celebrating Fall no matter what the temperatures bring.
Our beautiful Fall weather will come!
Do you love to decorate with the 
Throughout my home, you will see the colors of Fall.
My favorite quilts are the ones that bring out FALL. 

I love how quilts can remind us what truly is important.
Every quilt has a story.
Every story can teach us something.

Happy Fall everyone!
Thanks for visiting!

Have a Beautiful Sunshiny Day!

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