Friday 2 September 2011

Sprinkles Of Fall

Welcome back to
Twelve Days Of Creative Fall!
Thank you for your generous comments. 
I love and appreciate you all! 
It's wonderful to see your excitement
and love for Fall!

Today, I'm sharing with you a few ideas to decorate a FALL TABLE 
to share with your family and friends.
I like to think of it as
Sprinkles Of Fall!
It's nice to create little gifts that can be given to friends and family through the
Fall and Thanksgiving Season.
You can easily make these with the following supplies:

Terra Cotta Pots, one strip of 3" X 18" inch burlap, small grapevine wreath, jute twine and
 a beautiful doily, preferably one with scalloped edges.

You can fill your Terra cotta pots with candy corn, nuts, chocolate, etc,
 I simply wrapped the Terra cotta pot with jute twine, securing with hot glue.
I wrapped the top of the pot with brown ribbon, add the grapevine wreath to the top.
Next-place a medium sized doily inside your terra cotta pot. 
Make a burlap flower similar to the flowers placed on the grapevine wreath I showed yesterday.
You can secure your doily to the burlap flower with jute twine.
Add a green leaf.

A big part of the Fall Season is the gratitude and giving thanks we express.
Family and Friends we sprinkle you with LOVE. 

The fabric napkins are embellished with a wreath, jute twine and a burlap flower.
I was inspired by The Art of Quilting crafts 'n things magazine Octo 2011.

Welcome to the Dining Room, my favorite room in my home.
My favorite room, because of the memories that are created with my family.
The fondest MEMORIES are made gathered around the table.
The sign holds true!
Food and Family go hand in hand.

I'm excited to share my mini pumpkins
I think they are great for sharing
 a little pumpkin happiness and sprinkles of Fall!
(fabric by Saltbox Harvest Deb Strain for Moda)

There are so many ways you can decorate with your (mini) Fall pumpkins.
More to come!

Yes, mini pumpkins will be available today in my etsy shop.
I will also do a set of  mini pumpkins with assorted Fall fabrics. 

All comments will go in to a drawing
for a set of Fall Pumpkins or Fall Apples!

I especially love the emails I received yesterday.
I have this wonderful quote in my sewing room from a loving Grandmother.

"Use the talents you possess--for the woods would be very silent--if no birds sang except the best."
(Thank you Carrie for sending it along in your email)
To Helen,  YES --we are friends indeed! :)
You have a friend in me!

Thank you for visiting!
Have a beautiful day!
Thank you Babble-The New Home Ec for featuring my Pumpkins!

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